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Dr. Ray Zhong学术报告会

报告题目:IoT-enabled AGV System using Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing

报告人:香港大学Ray Zhong(钟润阳)博士






Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are used to deliver materials and goods around a factory autonomously. These robots may follow a predetermined path and thus the flexibility is confined. To traverse a factory, some form of information regarding the mapping of the factory is required. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology shows a promising capability in this field as well as its ability to assist in decision-making. Using a scenario of a testbed factory, several AGVs are presented using a laid-out path based on RFID technology. RFID tags embedded into the path are used for making decisions and to identify the location to achieve automatic logistics. These robots are controlled using a Digital Twin enabled solution. From the testing scenario, it is showed that RFID technology which is important in Industry 4.0 is able to capture the real-time data for automatic logistics in a smart factory.



Dr. Ray Zhong (钟润阳) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong. He was a Lecturer in The Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand from June 2016- Jan 2019. Ray gained his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Signal & Information Processing and Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the Guangdong University of Technology (China) and The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China) respectively. His research interests include Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled manufacturing, Big Data in manufacturing & SCM and data-driven APS. He has published over 160 research publications (~80 SCI journals and ~80 conference papers). There are total 1,400+ citations from Web of Science. The H-index is 18 and the average citation for each paper is 14.79. The total citation from Google Scholar is over 3100 with the H-index: 26, i10-index: 50 (Dated: 09 Oct 2019). He got FIVE most cited papers and one hot paper from Web of Science. Ray serves as editorial boards and guest editors for several well-known international journals: International Journal of Production Economics (Guest Editor), Computers & Industrial Engineering (Area Editor), International Journal of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (Associate editor Asian), etc.

In addition, he has participated in a set of projects sponsored by the NSFC, National R&D department, HK ITF and HKU. He is a member of CIRP RA, ASME (USA), HKIE (HK), IET (UK), IEEE (USA) and LSCM HK. Ray was awarded the Young Author Prize in the 15th IFAC/IEEE/IFIP/IFORS Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, Young Scientist Award (2017) from New Zealand Chinese Scientist Association (Only Awardee), and several best conference papers in reputable IEEE conferences.